2017 Beauty Trends: What’s Trending Up

2017 is halfway through, and there are some suprising trends in beauty and cosmetics. You'll be surprised at what's making a comeback and what's looking like the next hot thing!

Earthy orange, sepia and pink eyeshadow colors are in

The release of an acclaimed rose gold-themed eyeshadow palette triggered an ultrafast rise in popularity for earthy colors like orange, burnt sienna and deep pink. We’re all rocking gilded colors this season, which is extra great because they flatter everybody. And if you didn’t manage to grab that palette before it sold out, never fear - you’ll get a similar effect by dusting your eyelids with the pink shade from a good blush palette.

Glittery lipsticks and glosses are back

When we realized that glittery lipsticks and glosses were back, it was game-changing. Plus, lip gloss technology has changed a lot since the last time these gorgeous, glimmering products were in, and now we have options that both sparkle and plump—among other wondrous effects. Not least is the fact that they’re super simple to reapply: a must when thinking strategically about your all-day beauty strategy!

Bold, contrasting liner

Previous seasons introduced the rise of bold, contrasting liner, and now we all know that there’s no going back! Trendy looks this season include plenty of intense liquid eyeliner hues like cream and emerald; even better, we see glamour gals pairing a highlight color with a darker one, layering them one above the other, to really make an eyeliner statement.

Color-correcting creams

CC—also known as color-correcting—creams have been mainstream for a while, but this year we’re really delving into the entire rainbow. Lavender, green and yellow CC creams are now available from a whole range of retailers at different price points, and it’s pretty seriously awesome. If you’re the type of person who finds a traditional liquid, powder or cream foundation too heavy, the key to all day beauty for you is definitely a good CC cream.

Braids, braids, braids—in every form possible

If ever there was a Year of the Braid, this year is definitely it. Plaits have made their way into our daily lives like never before, ranging from the inside-out braid to a French herringbone (aka a “fishtail” braid) and an ever-expanding and extremely inventive catalogue of variations on the look. Specifically, hybrid French-braid-twists and loose “waterfall” braids—just to name a couple—have taken hold. Paired with natural-looking, flowy waves, these styles are the perfect fusion of the last few seasons.

Matte lipstick

On the flip side of glittery glosses, matte lipstick is still trending up. Thank goodness! We’re obsessed with the cream-to-powder finish it leaves us with, and—speaking of all day beauty—many brands are designed for you to wear straight from your workday into the evening, even withstanding the stress tests of lunch and happy hour. Designer liner We’re talking about liner designs, which are amazing! From eyeliner stamps to creative, artsy stencils and incredible freehand work, it has been a great year to simply sit back and gaze upon our favorite beauty artists’ creations on Instagram, not to mention trying to recreate them at home. No matter how much of a mess you make, eye makeup remover or, in a pinch, coconut oil can always save the day.