3 Steps to Apply Eyeshadow

In every situation, there’s a place for eyeshadow. Whether it’s a subtle earthy color for a natural, day-to-day look, luxurious jewel tones to complement every skin color, or even a pale, powdery baby blue for an ‘80s throwback party—eyeshadow is queen. Applied carefully, it can cover up sleepless nights, give you a little dramatic flair, or even make your eyes appear a different color.

And with beautifully pigmented palettes in high demand, eyeshadow has truly come into its own as an art form—one that you can wear proudly all day long.

But, if you’ve ever found your eye makeup melting off in the middle of the day, you’ll know that it’s important to follow these three steps to ensure your hard work won’t fade too fast.

Step 1: Prime, prime, prime!

When you sit down to attempt a smoky eye or a seamlessly blended rainbow of color, it’s important to make sure you have all the right supplies on hand. First and foremost, that means choosing an effective eye primer for your skin type. Our skin naturally produces oil throughout the day, so if you think you can get away with eyeshadow and nothing else beneath, think again. After all, who wants their eye makeup to wear off before 3 p.m.?

The same way you’d dress for success, give your eyelids the prep work they need. Early in your morning routine, apply a good eye primer and give it as much time as it needs to dry. Some primers give you the added bonus of a brightening effect, or help to cover up blemishes. Either way, using an eye primer will give your beautiful, carefully-designed look the staying power it deserves.

Step 2: Put your dream palette to work.

With so many eyeshadow palettes available, it’s easier than ever to discover a collection of colors that makes your skin tone and eye color really pop. One big reason why palettes have grown so popular so fast? Each one offers a variety of complementary colors, so even if you wear the same blouse every Monday, you can now switch up your look in subtle ways. And ramping a low-key style from the office up to happy hour level is easy. All it takes is one vibrant swipe of color to create an entirely new look.

Step 3: Make an investment—in the best brushes.

Eye makeup brushes aren’t a risky bet—on the contrary, they’re a surefire way to make sure your eyeshadow plans don’t go awry. Having the correct tools at hand is key when you’re designing your signature look; there are specialized brushes for every step of the process. Instead of using a single tool to do it all, an eye makeup brush kit allows you to apply all-over color with a big, fluffy brush, or an eye-defining shape with a slimmer one.

Customizing your eye makeup isn’t hard. With the right eye primer, palette and eye makeup brushes, it’s actually a piece of cake to keep your look on point—and have fun doing it.