5 Tips for Reviving Dull Skin | Get Your Glow Back

Missing That Youthful Glow? Don’t Give Up Hope Yet! If you’ve ever glanced in the mirror and noticed you’re not looking your best - but haven’t been able to pinpoint the problem - you’re not alone. Much of the time skin tone is to blame. Dull skin is an unfortunate condition many of us deal with every single day. Often associated with aging, dull skin lacks the healthy glow that makes us seem young and vibrant. While age is definitely a factor, your lifestyle and diet can cause skin to prematurely lose its healthy appearance.

While many of us attribute other peoples’ glowing skin to luck or genetics, the more probable reason is that they are simply taking the steps necessary to nurture their skin. However, don’t fret too much. Adopting some simple daily habits can make achieving that youthful glow a real possibility. Below, we’ll look at 5 ways you can revive your dull skin and have the healthy and radiant shine everyone desires.

1. Regular Exfoliation

One of the most important steps in maintaining healthy-looking skin is regular exfoliation. Yet, it’s common for many women to neglect this part of their skin care routine. Exfoliation encourages dead skin cells & debris to fall away. Old skin cells don’t reflect light very well, causing the dull appearance. Exfoliation reveals newer, healthier skin underneath. Regular exfoliation also allows products such as moisturizers to penetrate deeper beneath the skin. This can make them more effective.

There are two types of exfoliators, chemical and physical. Chemical exfoliators contain ingredients that act on the skin. Physical exfoliators, on the other hand, use abrasion to remove debris. Be cautious when starting an exfoliating routine; some methods can irritate sensitive skin.

2. Moisturize

Regular moisturizing of skin should almost go without saying, but as one of the fundamentals in treating dull skin, it bears repeating. An oil-free moisturizer should be applied every single day to help keep your skin hydrated. Even when your skin isn’t feeling dry, you should still apply a quality moisturizer. Moisturizers labeled “non-comedogenic,” indicate lotions that will not block pores. These are less likely to cause acne breakouts.

Lotions with shea butter can work wonders and even contain antioxidant properties to help scavenge free radicals on the skin. An added bonus includes using a moisturizer with SPF, as sun damage doesn’t make dull skin any better.

3. Stay Hydrated

Surprise, surprise; adequate water intake can benefit your appearance. Your skin is an organ consisting of cells, and cells need ample water in order to function properly. Starting your day with a tall glass of H20 is the perfect way to get your daily skin care regimen started.

4. Healthy Diet and Exercise

Perhaps one of the best ways to deal with dull skin is by eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Working out increases blood circulation throughout your body, delivering healthy nutrients to your organs - including your skin. Making exercise part of your life is beneficial in so many different ways, and your skin health is no exception.

Hand-in-hand with exercise is maintaining a healthy diet. The saying “we are what we eat” contains a lot of truth in it, and our outer appearance can be a direct reflection of what we’re putting into our bodies. If you’re eating loads of highly processed foods, sugars and other junk, you may feel worn-out and sluggish.

Be sure you’re getting a decent mix of skin-healthy foods such as nuts, berries, fruits, leafy green vegetables, and fish. Try to avoid unhealthy items such as excessive alcohol, tobacco, processed meats, sugars, soda, salt, and hydrogenated oils.

5. See a Dermatologist

If your skin problems persist even after using the right products and making the right lifestyle changes, the best option is to see a skin care professional. A good dermatologist can most likely identify what’s causing your condition and formulate a custom plan of action to getting your glow back. A dermatologist can also determine if a minimally invasive procedure, such as laser resurfacing, could be of any benefit.

If you’re suffering from dull skin, proper care can help revive and restore your look. A little discipline in your lifestyle, along with quality products, can go a long way. It’s best to develop healthy habits and take preventative measures when you’re young, so your skin will look its best for years to come.