Is Blush Out of Style?

What’s so great about blush, anyway?

It seems like we don’t see much of it anymore, with Instagram now dominated by Kardashian-class contouring, CC creams and the ever elusive “no-makeup makeup” look to which so many aspire.

Could it be that blush has fallen behind other staple looks like the bold lip, smoky eye and extra-full brow? Or is there a legitimate reason why we’re not talking about blush as much anymore?

No, blush isn’t out of style. The growing popularity of blush palettes—and their versatility as the best blush for fair skin—says otherwise. It’s just been neglected recently as a topic. After all, blush is technically old news, dating all the way back to ancient times when people painted their faces with berries and roots. It’s the ultimate classic look! Unfortunately, that’s also why the ever-important role of blush might be overlooked in favor of newer makeup styles, like the admittedly pretty awesome #powerbrow or a simple matte lip.

Even if you’re skeptical of blush makeup, there are plenty of reasons why blush can be the most flattering and versatile product in your makeup bag. And can we just take a moment to admire how pretty a good blush palette can look?

Not only do powder and cream blushes work wonders for contouring—you can tap blush makeup into all the same areas where you’d use bronzer—but a dash of blush in the eyelid crease is a super-easy way to take your look to the next level.

With rose gold growing more popular every day, how much easier could it be to stay on trend? As a bonus: you’ll look rosy, flushed, and put-together when your cheeks and eyelids glow the same color. With the right blush, you really won’t need that much beauty sleep.

Color choice isn’t always easy, which can be difficult for those who are newer to blush makeup. The best blush for fair skin, for example, won’t give olive-toned cheeks the same glow. On the flip side, that’s what can make blush palettes a better investment than single-pot colors. With several shades that work as highlights and shadows, a palette gives you more flexibility in your day and night looks—without sacrificing convenience. Plus, a good palette eases the inevitable struggle of tracking down the best blush for fair skin or for richer, darker complexions.

But back to makeup trends—and the type of hacks that can make your life so much easier on a day-to-day basis. Sure, it might not look like everyone’s wearing blush these days, but trust us, it’s hiding in plain sight. Used carefully, blush is a powerful brightening tool for many skin tones. And under all that sparkly highlighter, you’d better believe that your favorite, most-skillfully-contoured YouTube stars are definitely reaping the rewards of blush and similar products.

In short, blush can never go out of style—that’s simply not possible!—but it will continue to evolve, changing the landscape of our faces and makeup bags as it does. Popular palettes are both revolutionizing the world of contouring and, at long last, putting the days of bad blush looks to bed.