Don’t Let Crepey Skin Destroy Your Confidence

This article is sponsored by Crepe Erase®

When you don’t know how best to treat it, crepey skin can be a major confidence-killer. You know what I’m talking about: that thin, wrinkly, crinkly skin sometimes referred to as ‘fountain lines’ on the chest, or ‘the necklace’ of creases and folds that form around the neck.

A crepey neck, chest or any other area on your body shouldn’t be a reason to hide underneath long sleeves, scarves and pants—especially if it’s warm outside! That’s why having the real-deal knowledge about what really helps improve the look of crepey skin can help your morale—not to mention your looks.

As we age, the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin results in a visible shift in the appearance of our skin. Skin that was previously tight, youthful-looking and plump may—as the underlying dermal framework degrades—begin to sag and look crinkly, like crepe paper. Worse, as your skin’s resilience decreases, it can start to feel dry and slack in places like the neck, chest, arms and legs—problem areas that were once difficult to treat because majority of skincare products focused on the face.

Just know that crepey skin is never your fault. It’s not a matter of what you did wrong, or that you didn’t take better care of your skin. It’s just the march of time and the natural aging process at work. Accept yourself, but also remember that you don’t have to accept dry, aging, crepey skin—instead, you can help repair it.

We’re lucky enough to live in a time when skincare brands offer a variety of top neck creams and other anti-aging body lotions that can help smooth away the signs of aging by visibly firming and lifting crepey skin. One of those brands is Crepe Erase™, which intrigued me because it works to target your ‘age-giveaway zones’—the places where, no matter how well you take care of your face and body, you could look older than you really are. By helping smooth the delicate skin on your neck, décolleté, arms and knees, Crepe Erase™ is an instant confidence-builder—one that works even better with time. The longer and more consistently you use it, the better.

Crepe Erase™ is quick and easy to use—all it takes is two steps. First, you exfoliate affected areas with STEP 1, the Exfoliating Body Polish. It gently buffs away dead skin cells while invigorating the skin. A little goes a long way, too. You just need a pearl- to dime-sized amount depending on the area you’re treating. You can also use a washcloth or loofah for a deeper exfoliation and even better results. This prepares your skin so that it can really take in the benefits of the body treatment in the next step.

After rinsing the body scrub off, place a pearl- to dime-sized amount of the Intensive Body Repair Treatment, STEP 2, on the same affected areas. As the powerhouse of the Crepe Erase™ system, this ultra-rich cream can be used to visibly repair and condition the look of dry, crepey neck skin, and any other areas you may feel self-conscious about. It’s developed to restore your skin’s youthful bounce so it looks plumper and firmer, while providing all-day moisture for skin that feels satisfyingly soft and smooth.

So, does Crepe Erase™ really work? Take it from the studies done on it. Based on average results of a 50-person evaluation by an expert clinical grader, 95% of women saw a lifted appearance of skin in just 60 days, and 97% also saw improvement in the smoothness and softness of their skin. After trying it for the first time, 94% of women said that their skin was instantly softer.

The reason why? Crepe Erase™ is the only skincare system with TruFirm™ Complex, a cutting-edge technology that helps slackening skin snap back to a more youthful appearance. The proprietary blend of three skin-restoring plant extracts helps promotes healthy collagen and elastin—both essential for the youthful-looking complexion we all wish we could keep forever. TruFirm™ helps support and reinforce your skin’s netting so it can look smoother, firmer and younger.

If you’re struggling with crepey skin—or seeking to prevent it in the first place—Crepe Erase™ has a special offer going on right now. It includes a free gift: their Advanced Firming Eye Serum that’s designed to visibly renew, plump and lift fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area—another place where many women report problems with crepey skin.

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