Is Mineral Makeup Gone for Good?

This article is sponsored by Sheer Cover Studio®

Who else remembers the first time they tried mineral foundation? I’m not gonna lie—I’ll never forget it. Mineral makeup—especially mineral powder—made my blemish-prone skin look flawless, not to mention Instagram-ready. And even after I removed it later, my skin, normally dull and ashy, continued to glow. It felt like a real-life miracle—I had finally discovered the best mineral makeup for blemishes.

Of course, if you haven’t tried mineral makeup yet, you might be wondering why you’d want to abandon your tried-and-true “traditional” makeup in favor of it—and why you’d want to try it at all. That’s the question that has people wondering, could mineral makeup be gone for good?

The short answer is: nope! Mineral makeup is more popular than ever, and I know exactly why—a lot of makeup is more trouble than it’s worth. But instead of melting in the heat or disappearing entirely by the end of your workday, mineral makeup makes virtually any skin imperfection seem to vanish. It’s a pretty easy choice, in my opinion.

And now for the long answer…

It’s Good for Your Skin

Not all products that make us look pretty are good for us, too, but mineral makeup crosses the boundary into seriously luxe skincare territory. Non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores, Sheer Cover Studio® Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation is made with 100% natural minerals, plus botanicals and antioxidant green tea to help soothe and protect your skin.

Like all Sheer Cover Studio® products, it’s completely free of binders, talc, mineral oil, silicones and dyes.

Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation even goes a step further by including zinc oxide, which helps soothe and calm facial irritation. Even if you don’t have skin flaws, this type of makeup is a great way to maintain the skin tone and texture you love.

It’s Easy to Use

Sheer Cover Studio’s mineral makeup was designed to be easy to use, and you’ll see the results as soon as you apply it. With reflective minerals that deflect light away from any flaws, Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation eliminates the element of guesswork from your makeup routine. These light-reflective minerals are exactly how the mineral makeup gives skin that trademark look of natural luminosity. Best of all, it’s made with superior quality natural mineral pigments, so a little goes a long way.

Like Water, It Comes in Multiple Forms

Who doesn’t love H20? Just like our friend water, mineral makeup can morph seamlessly between different look-enhancing forms. You can mix it with water for a pore-perfecting, matte finish and use a lot or a little for a concealer or all-over coverage, depending on the look you want.

It’s Light and Breathable

Since Sheer Cover Studio’s mineral makeup is made completely without oil, allergens, preservatives and chemicals—all the stuff you don’t want on your face—you can wave bye-bye to clogged pores and wrinkles that appear worse after makeup application. Mineral foundation is an easy way to nourish your skin and look great—while feeling like you’re wearing almost no makeup at all.

It Lasts Practically Forever

Mineral makeup doesn’t just last all day (up to 14 hours with Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation) on your face—it also has a huge advantage over traditional makeup types in its super long shelf life. Invest in your mineral makeups, because they’ll be with you a while!

It’s Natural

Unlike other products with long, complicated ingredients lists, Sheer Cover Studio’s mineral powder and foundation are made with 100% natural minerals that give complete coverage while feeling lightweight.

It’s Exactly the Right Color

With patented Trueshade Technology®—so smart that it actually adapts itself to match the color of your skin—Sheer Cover Studio’s mineral makeup is the easiest way for you to get the perfect color match. The color works overtime to get you through the 9-5 grind and happy hour, designed to adapt to different lighting conditions as you go.

Nothing Else Comes Close to These Results

I was delighted to find that this mineral foundation doesn’t just sit around on my face doing nothing—it actually smoothes away the look of fine lines and wrinkles, which minimizes the appearance of pores to give you a more youthful, polished appearance. It doesn’t look caked-on as traditional makeup might, and it’s blendable so that you can get your most flawless-looking complexion yet.

You shine through—but your flaws don’t.

So to recap, there’s no way that mineral makeup could ever be gone for good! As the best mineral makeup for blemishes, Sheer Cover Studio’s mineral powder and foundation won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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