Trade Mottled Skin for Model Skin

This article is sponsored by Sheer Cover Studio ®

Mottled or blotchy skin, which often runs in families, is caused by changes in the blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. Irregular red or purplish patches can occur anywhere on your body; of course, it’s most noticeable if it occurs on your face.

Aside from heredity, sun exposure is the most important trigger that can make it a long-term issue. There are other things you may want to avoid to help control it: extreme temperatures, stress, and certain allergens, for instance.

Mottled skin may not be the most severe form of discoloration people face, but if it causes you to feel awkward and self-conscious then let’s deal with it! SHEER COVER® can help you trade mottled skin for model skin.

OK, Tell Me How!

When it comes to covering up a wide variety of skin conditions, all cosmetics are not created equal. SHEER COVER® has you covered – to perfection.

Our mission today: to create a smooth, lustrous complexion. Our tools: CONCEAL & BRIGHTEN TRIO — CONCEALER, CONCEAL & BRIGHTEN TRIO — BRIGHTENER, PERFECT SHADE® MINERAL FOUNDATION and SUN-KISSED BRONZING MINERALS! The combination that’s right for you depends on how dark your patches are.

Ready… Begin !

First we’ll create a beautiful base layer with one pump of CONCEAL & BRIGHTEN TRIO CONCEALER. Beginning at the center of your face, smooth and blend it outward using your fingers or Brush. Don’t forget to extend coverage onto your neck and décolleté to complete the picture.

For lighter, reddish patches…

Once you’ve created this base, squirt another pump onto the back of your hand. Tap your fingertips or brush into the product and apply it to problem areas by dabbing the foundation onto your skin. Use your Complexion Perfection Brush to gently blend these areas. It’s best not to rub it in – that could smudge your beautiful base layer.

You can continue adding foundation and blending it until you’ve achieved the coverage you love.

For darker, purplish areas…

Darker areas may require something with a little more opacity to cover them. Your best choice in this case will be to use CONCEAL & BRIGHTEN TRIO BRIGHTENER in addition to your foundation.

Once you’ve created your base of SHEER COVER™, place a dot of PERFECT SHADE® MINERAL FOUNDATION on the back of your hand. Warm it up by rubbing gently with the tip of your finger – that will help it spread smoothly and cover evenly. Next, gently dab it on the areas that need extra attention until the discoloration is fully concealed.

Now use the fuller end of a makeup brush to gently blend the concealer and foundation together.

For the finishing touch…

SUN-KISSED BRONZING MINERALS is like airbrushing in a jar. Its light-diffusing pigments will help you create a luminous, flawless finish. Tap a small amount of it onto the inside of the lid of the jar. Not too much – a little goes a long way!

Swirl the fuller end of your brush around the lid, tap off any excess, and apply the powder to your face, neck, and décolleté with a light tapping motion.

And there you are – beautifully you.

Discover the Sheer Cover Studio difference—incredible coverage with a feather-light feel and a look so natural, like you aren’t wearing makeup at all. If you’re ready to experience the difference, head to now!