What Are Some Helpful Eyeliner Hacks?

Let’s face it. Eyeliner takes practice, but the results can be so rewarding. Honestly, a well-applied wing can set the right tone for the rest of your day.

Of course, not all of us feel that we’re gifted in the eyeliner application department. But there’s hope.

If you want to up your eyeliner game, a good eyeliner brush and a winged eyeliner stamp are essential. After all, how else will we ever nail that perfectly angled wing?

Master the Famous Tape Hack

Don’t trust yourself to apply winged eyeliner? Fear no more, because a single piece of strategically-placed tape will demonstrate that anyone—including you—can become a pro.

As you prepare to execute the perfect wing, tear off an inch-long piece of Scotch tape and press it lightly several times against the back of your hand. By making it less sticky, you’ll prevent the tape from irritating your skin or removing other makeup.

Next, lightly place the tape, at your preferred angle, between the outside corner of your eye and the tail of your eyebrow. Line your eye with an eyeliner brush or pen, then follow the guide of the tape as you paint your wing. Remove the tape, and you won’t have to worry about any stray marks you made. As a bonus, you’re now sporting a crisp, classy eyeliner look.

Play It Safe With a Winged Eyeliner Stamp

The future of eyeliner is here, and it exists in the form of a winged eyeliner stamp. For those of us who struggle to flick our brushes and pens at just the right angle, this invention is the greatest thing since tinted brow gel.

It works just as it sounds; you dip a specially sized brush into a pot of gel eyeliner, and then stamp it where you’d like the eyeliner to go.

With a winged eyeliner stamp, you can now have the same, completely consistent eyeliner look every day if you want.

Repurpose Office Supplies

Similar to the tape eyeliner hack, small sticky notes work wonders as a guide for your eyeliner brush or pen. Just as you would with a piece of tape, lightly attach it at an angle between the outer corner of your eye and your brow.

First, draw along the line of your actual eye. Then, gently use your eyeliner to trace the edge of the sticky note for a sharp, crisp wing. Try placing the sticky note at unconventional angles, and you might even discover a new favorite look.

Your Eyeliner Brush: A Hack In Itself

When it comes to eye makeup, a well-made eyeliner brush is essential. A long-tipped liquid eyeliner can be difficult to use, not to mention limited in what it can do for you. In contrast, a short, slanted version of the tool could be a game-changer for your daily routine.

Like a winged eyeliner stamp, a good eyeliner brush makes for a clean, smooth line and doesn’t require much practice to use well. Invest in a short, flat brush for sharp winged liner, or a fluffier one for an equally classic smoky eye. Beauty game on point!