What is ProPearl Complex?

This article is sponsored by Lumipearl™

Pearls have long been adored and desired for their luminous, iridescent sheen that can add a touch of elegance to any look, making you feel almost regal. But here’s something you may not have noticed … pearls also have a way of giving you that same luminosity when it catches the light and hits your skin a certain way.

At the surface, it doubles as a virtual skin illuminator and wrinkle remover, as it seems to blur away the appearance of fine lines and other skin-aging impurities.

This is the observation that one of the world’s renowned fashion photographers, Russell James, made during a photoshoot on the beach. As he was zooming in on the pearls and the model’s skin, he noticed that the closer he got, the more the luminosity became apparent. Then, a light bulb moment: he knew that he had to find a way to get this beauty secret to people everywhere.

This was the inspiration behind the breakthrough ProPearl Complex™, an exclusive ingredient found only in Lumipearl™ Youth Renewing Skin Care. Although crushed pearl powder has long been an ancient beauty secret among women of royalty and wealth (they used it on their skin to achieve an alluring, luminous, youthful glow), never before has the pearl’s true skin-renewing power been unlocked until now.

Lumipearl™ is the first skincare line that delivers the full beauty benefits of not just any pearls, but the rare South Sea pearls. Sourced from a remote region in the pristine, biologically-rich waters of the Coral Triangle near Bali, these pearls contain a powerful protein with pretty astonishing age-defying properties.

With the help of an elite team of international scientists, led by Dr. Joseph Taylor, a marine biologist, the pearl’s hidden skin-transforming power was finally unlocked. They discovered a revolutionary process that gently extracts the powerful protein from the intricate crystal layers within the pearl.

This key component of ProPearl Complex™, along with the infusion of crushed pearl powder, is what makes the exclusive ingredient so unique in its approach to giving you a luminous, youthful-looking radiance.

Lumipearl’s ability to give skin a pearlescent glow while targeting the visible signs of aging has made it today’s newest skin secret among top models and Hollywood celebrities, much like crushed pearl powder was a cherished beauty secret among the elite in ancient times.

So how exactly does this protein form and how does it work? Oysters take tiny crystals from the water and bond them with protein, which form inside the pearl.

Proteins in the body act as a communication tool, traveling through our system and signaling cells to perform certain functions, which decrease as we age. ProPearl Complex™ acts as a reminder that signals skin cells to renew, helping you recapture a vibrant, luminous glow—much like the pearl itself—as well as a youthful-looking complexion.

At the heart of Lumipearl™ skincare system is its Youth Serum, which features the exclusive ProPearl Complex™ along with the dermatologist-favorite retinol, an age-defying mainstay ingredient in the beauty and skincare industry. The luxurious formula, which feels like silk on your skin, is designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the look of skin tone and texture, and promote visible lifting and tightening of the skin. It’s also formulated to shield your skin from environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution, forming a protective barrier to help prevent prematurely aging skin.

So whether you’re in search for the best anti wrinkle eye cream or a skin brightener that delivers other age-defying results, ProPearl Complex™, found only in Lumipearl™, helps deliver an incredible 22 anti-aging skin benefits. From fewer visible lines and wrinkles, to diminished age spots, to younger-looking skin that looks ‘lit from within’—radiating with the look of health and vitality … everything we yearn to hold on to as we age. In a 12-week, user-perception study involving 59 participants, 100% of users saw more radiant and revitalized skin, while 98% said their skin looked polished, smooth and healthier.

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