Whatever Happened to Mineral Makeup?

This article is sponsored by Sheer Cover Studio ®

The draw of mesmerizing shades—from bolds and brights, to creamy pastels and warm, earthy tones—are why color cosmetics are always the rage. Who can resist a visual feast of vibrant hues in an array of textures and tones like sparkling shimmers and velvety mattes?

But none of them can really make a gorgeous statement without a flawless complexion as the base. Finding the right foundation that matches your skin tone and provides full coverage isn’t as fun as shopping for eyeshadows, lipsticks and stains, but it is essential to pulling off any look—au naturel or otherwise. (I liken the search for the perfect foundation to the unenjoyable but necessary search for the perfect jeans.)

Beauty brands are always coming out with new foundations and ingredient technologies designed to illuminate, protect, conceal and enhance skin while providing long-lasting coverage that feels natural and weightless. The selections, as you can imagine, are endless… and overwhelming.

Mineral Makeup: A Beauty Mainstay

While the buzz on mineral make up may not be as loud as when it first burst onto the beauty scene, the lightweight, breathable alternative to traditional makeup is still very much alive.

Why? Perhaps what’s more important than the innovative ingredients that traditional foundations put in are the ingredients mineral makeup leaves out. Mineral makeup doesn’t contain skin-irritating preservatives like parabens, fillers, fragrances, pore-clogging oils, talc and other harsh chemicals—unlike its regular liquid foundation counterparts.

That’s why mineral makeup has continued to populate the market ranging from prestige brands to drugstore, budget-friendly selections. Some brands have even expanded their product offerings to include mascaras, lash extenders, concealers, lipsticks and liners. And if there’s any indicator of mineral makeup’s enduring popularity, copycats have launched mineral makeup lines albeit without the true benefits; their ingredient lists include minerals coated with parabens or silicones, which actually end up drying out your skin. So watch out for imitators!

Luckily there’s a premier option for both cost- and health-conscious consumers.

Sheer Cover Studio®, one of the original mineral makeup brands since the trend started to take off, offers a collection of skin-perfecting—and skin-friendly—formulas and eyelash extenders for all-around beauty.

The Healthier Option

Sheer Cover Studio’s hero product is its Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation, which has maintained a steady number of loyal beauty fans since it first hit the market—for good reason. It offers natural-looking full coverage with 100% natural minerals, botanicals and the popular antioxidant green tea—beloved for its ability to help delay the visible signs of aging while its polyphenols protect skin by neutralizing damaging free radicals.

Contrary to what others may think about mineral makeup, Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation is an ideal dry skin foundation with its soothing botanicals. It also actually helps to visibly smooth away the look of fine lines and wrinkles while minimizing the appearance of large pores. It doesn’t settle into creases and crinkles, unlike many traditional liquid foundations and powders do, which make you look older than you are.

Another reason for the continued demand for mineral makeup is that it’s an ideal foundation for sensitive skin and skin that’s prone to breakouts. Sheer Cover Studio’s mineral foundation is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. It has no preservatives, fillers, chemicals, binders, silicones, dyes, talc or mineral oil that can irritate skin or cause breakouts. It also happens to be sweat-proof and lasts all day—exactly what you would want out of a foundation to hide unsightly blemishes and redness.

Complexion Perfection

Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation is known to help you shine through, not your flaws. Its soft-focus minerals help give you that candlelit glow—no filter needed. As light hits your skin, the minerals block imperfections while reflecting your natural skin tone.

It uses patented Trueshade Technology® that adapts to your skin’s color. Of course, you still have to choose among four base shades—light, medium, tan and dark—to determine your type of skin tone, but it still takes the guesswork out of finding that perfect match. It’s also designed to adapt to different lighting conditions for seamless blending and a flawless look.

Sheer Cover Studio® also has a conceal and brighten trio that helps instantly mask flaws and make you look younger. The light and dark concealers, which feel virtually bare on your skin—give you buildable coverage to camouflage your trickiest and glaring imperfections, without caking, flaking or drying. The brightener finishes off your look by instantly highlighting the eyes, cheekbones and other features.

Use this link to try the Sheer Cover Studio® 5-piece kit at a discounted rate, which includes their bronzer, lengthening mascara and lash extender. It also comes with free brushes ($94 value) and a color palette complete with eyeshadows, lip glosses and blush to satisfy your color craving while giving you the essentials for flawless-looking skin.